Your last thoughts

Your last thoughts

Millions of people around the world have become habituated to falling asleep in front of the television. The proverbial man in the rocking chair asleep while watching. 

Do you use your television to fall asleep?

What you watch will affect the thoughts in your head. Your sleep is the time when your brain consolidates everything it has learned throughout the day. It uses sleep as the time to pick and choose what to retain and what to discard. 

It uses sleep to create long-term memories and patterns of recognition. It creates schemas and beliefs based on these patterns. 

Unfortunately, television is made to stimulate and arouse. The news, television series, and so on. They only get your attention if they generate anger, fear, or worse. 

So the last thought you go to sleep with, or perhaps continue to listen to even after you have slept, is the sound of pirates conquering the Caribbean.

Shut your eyes one day when you are awake and listen to the sounds. The sounds by themselves are scary enough, let alone the visuals. 

In a research study, participants were asked to have negative thoughts before they went to sleep. They were then asked to record their dreams in the morning. 

Those who had experienced negative thoughts were more likely to have negative dreams at night. They had more threatening thoughts. 

You may think this is trivial. They are just dreams, after all. 

But the point is not dreams. The point is that all your thoughts, beliefs, memories, and learnings are created at night. You learn during the day and consolidate at night. 

So, if your last thoughts have a disproportionate affect on your brain, you are undoing all the good work you may have done during the day. 

I know social life does not really help. You might not be the older person falling asleep in front of the proverbial TV. You might be out partying with friends. 

Just remember that whatever you do, your thoughts before you sleep affect who you become. 

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