X-Ray Vision for you?

X-Ray Vision for you?

You may have seen movies about Superman growing up. Among his many superpowers was x-ray vision. In the very near future, you and I may develop superpowers just like him. Allow me to tell the story how.

We live in a world of artificial intelligence. It appears that AI is slowly going to take over the world and replace us for everything.

From menial tasks like lifting and storing a box to making movies and writing stories, AI seems to be everywhere. 

We are even predicting computers taking over the human body, where you are more artificial than real. Amidst all this, it is refreshing to hear that perhaps human capacity itself might be augmented.

So it turns out that our brains are not dissimilar from those of other animals and birds. Animals and birds have a wide variety of sensory powers.

Ultrasonic sound, sonar, and the ability to see a wide spectrum of light.

Dolphins use sonar to navigate. So what would happen if we took the signal from sonar and flushed the brain with it over months? 

Your brain would develop the capacity to detect sonar. 

The brain always had the capacity; we just did not have the sensory capacity to detect. The same goes for your eyes, touch, smell, sound, and so on.

Evolution was trying to be efficient, not maximize every sensory capacity. It therefore picked the things that were most effective while helping us evolve. 

Technology has no limitations. It can build sonar detectors, broad-spectrum cameras, and so on. If you take these signals and flush the brain with the stimulus, the brain develops the capacity. 

A university in Spain found that if you spent two hours a day, you could learn echolocation (sonar), something that would be wildly useful for, say, a blind person. 

So while AI is coming and maybe for your job, you could be upskilling yourself with super powers in the near future as well. 

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