Write, Dont Type

Write, Dont Type

We have been typing for the past two centuries. We have been writing for thousands of years. So, should you type or write? 

The neurological benefits of writing by hand as opposed to typing influence learning, memory, and creativity. Let us find out why. 

Handwriting is a complex task that requires various cognitive skills. It involves fine motor skills and the integration of visual and tactile feedback.

Writing makes it a more engaging activity for the brain compared to typing.

When we write by hand, our brain is involved in a deeper encoding process. This process, known as the "generation effect," enhances our ability to recall information.

Studies have shown that students who take notes by hand tend to understand and remember the material better than those who type their notes.

Handwriting slows down the note-taking process, forcing the writer to summarize and process the information rather than typing verbatim.

I see this in my own case. When I make handwritten notes about health topics, for example, I recall them better. 

Handwriting activates areas of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory.

If you have a child at home, make them write by hand. Early exposure to handwriting is linked to improved letter recognition, which is a key foundation for reading and literacy.

Handwriting can also influence creativity. The slower pace of writing by hand compared to typing can lead to more thoughtfulness and contemplation, resulting in greater creativity.

Writing by hand has therapeutic benefits. It can serve as a form of mindfulness practice, helping individuals to slow down and focus on the present moment.

Journaling by hand, for example, is a common recommendation for managing stress and anxiety. The tactile sensation of a pen on paper can be calming and meditative, offering a break from the constant screen time that typewriting entails.

What do you do? Type or write? 

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