Why is my child not growing?

Why is my child not growing?

A child not growing taller according to his or her age is easily one of the most frustrating concerns for a parent. You do everything possible, feed her to an inch of her life, and yet there are no results. 

So why is your child not growing? 

Let us get the myths out of the way first. The relationship between food intake and growth is not straightforward. Weight, in food terms, does not automatically translate into height. More likely, the child may gain weight without growing taller. 

Instead, what you are looking for is a balance of various factors. 

Allow me to give you an analogy. If a plant needed sunlight, water, and the minerals in the soil to grow, you could not overfeed a plant with sunlight and expect magic. Instead, excess sunlight would cause the plant to wither and die.

In much the same way, a human body needs the right circumstances created by a balance of various things to grow. 

So, what are these things? 

Sunlight, exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and good gut health. Your child needs all of these to foster an environment where the body can grow. 

More specifically, vitamin D3 contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and calcium. But you also need a balanced diet, one where all the vitamins and minerals are being delivered. 

The rationale is simple. The body is always prioritizing. Repair or growth? Should I fix what is wrong or work on growing?

If this were a company, would you be growing your markets or defending your existing market share? 

The human body is much smarter than you can ever be. It chooses wisely and prioritises what it believes is the most important at this juncture. 

Denied basic ingredients, it prioritises repair over growth, and your child does not grow. 

So if you want your child to grow, foster a balanced lifestyle instead of overfeeding them. 

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