Wellness - Hit Jobs Coming

Wellness - Hit Jobs Coming

The time for retribution is here. Over the past week, I have been observing the establishment hit back.

It was inevitable, but we should all be aware and keep our eyes open. 

If you have not read it already, the New York Magazine published an article on Andrew Huberman.

Separately, another article came out about pouring cold water on apps and platforms that reverse Type II Diabetes. 

I don't condone Mr. Huberman or anything he may have done. It is not my place to judge. Life extracts a cruel price for your actions. 

However, it is in your selfish interest to listen to someone who has knowledge, regardless of his flaws. 

If he advises you to spend time in the morning sun instead of relying on sleeping pills, it is in your best interest. 

Sure, I too felt that he pushes Atheletic Greens. But you can take his knowledge and ignore the product.

So why the hit jobs? 

I don't know Mr. Huberman or any of the others mentioned in the article.

I dare say that the story would never have made the news unless he had become famous for speaking about health. 

With regards to the article about the apps, it is worthwhile looking at the language. 

The article speaks about people not being able to maintain diabetes reversal despite following a "rigorous" diet. 

My family started with two inflicted with Type II Diabetes. We have been cured for over a decade. So that's a success rate of 100%.

We have had similar results with the others that we have worked with.

I don't diet or follow anything rigorous. I don't eat things that don't add value. I am balanced in my choices. 

That's being sensible, not rigorous. But if you throw in words like rigorous, it would scare most people into thinking it was impossible. No one likes rigorous.  

So when you read the news follow the money trail. You will learn a lot.

PS: I apologise for the grammatical errors in my previous article. I am on the road and writing with a phone.

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