Weight - will it always come back?

Weight - will it always come back?

Weight. Does it always coming back? 

One of the enduring myths about losing weight is that it will always come back. Studies cite individuals who gain weight after losing it. Read anything on social media, and they speak about weight as something that will come back. 

So what is the truth? 

Let me use my example. I have been a consistent 60 kilogrammes for the past decade. I have consistently weighed 60 kilograms. My weight fluctuated by a few kilograms and then went back.  So if I were part of the research study, I would be the outlier. 

But am I the only one? 

Actually, the truth is that most people who follow a proper process to lose weight witness life-changing transformations. They never go back.

They have learned what it takes to lose weight permanently. They made the lifestyle changes required to stay there. 

Why, then, does the myth that weight loss is not permanent persist?

One possible explanation is to simply play with your head. If you believe that your weight will come back, you are less likely to start.

Remember, as I have said many times, excess weight (excess body fat) is not an optical problem; it is a medical one. Excess body fat causes a cascade of problems, ultimately leading to disease.

Therefore, changing your lifestyle and successfully losing weight could have a significant impact on the economic engine that your lifestyle is driving.

So, isn't it simply much easier to make you believe that permanent weight loss is impossible? That it is futile to even try? 

If you think this is a conspiracy theory, think again. 

The captains of industry who drive economic engines spend fortunes on achieving these outcomes. They hire the smartest minds, and their job is to influence you at the belief level. The decision and action are then very easy to achieve. 

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