Vacation - learn how they live

Vacation - learn how they live

Are you travelling like most people do during the summer?

Congratulations if you are, and I wish you a joyous holiday. Here's what you can bring back for me from your vacation. 

A curiosity for health and a desire to learn from all the people you meet. 

Allow me to explain. 

One of the benefits of travel is the ability to meet new people, engage with myriad cultures, and grow your understanding of people.

For example, you may have read about people who live in blue zones. These are people who live longer than others because they follow a specific lifestyle.

While it may be a good story, the truth is that humanity in every part of the world has figured out how to live a long and healthy life. 

So how can you learn? Engage with the people you meet. Be curious. 

Ask them how they live, how they eat, and how they sleep. Observe people walking or cycling to work. Look at their body type, structure, and weight.

Look at them laughing and playing. Look at the way they engage with each other. Look how they spend their afternoons and mornings.

Sure, spend some time admiring the structures and monuments, as well as learning about how they mummified their ancestors.

However, there may be even more to learn from the current generation about how they strive for happiness. How they build families and how they enjoy time out in the sun. 

You see, as much as there is joy in visiting a country for its sights, landscapes, and monuments, there is equal joy in soaking up its culture, values, and habits. 

Everyone has something to teach us.

So the next time you are planning your vacation, or if you are still deciding on one, pick countries that have naturally healthy people. 

Go, have fun, and learn something from them while doing it. 

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