Ozempic - what happens when you stop?

Ozempic - what happens when you stop?

Ozempic is a medication that has gained global popularity. It promises to help you lose weight. It promises to help you lose weight that you cannot manage to lose on your own.

So what would happen if you signed up and then stopped?

Imagine that you stopped once you lost weight. You would have good reason to stop. After all, you've achieved the goal, so there's no need to continue.

The answer to this question lies in the precise mechanism by which Ozempic worked. 

The body must convert food into glucose in order to use it as energy. The body stores excess glucose as fat.Ozempic interrupts this process and helps you excrete the glucose.

If the body does not produce excess glucose, there is no excess to store, leading to weight loss.

Therefore, discontinuing Ozempic disrupts the delicate balance you've established. Worse, you feel hungry, which makes you eat more than you did before.

So if the excess is not being excreted and you eat more than before, is it any surprise that your weight will start to creep up?

You could argue, Why bother stopping? Just keep consuming Ozempic, and everything will be fine. Sure, that is one possible route. 

Except that is not what you are usually told when you start taking it. Doctors prescribe it for a specific duration. 

So you now have two choices. Change your lifestyle so that your energy intake and energy expenditure are in balance, or continue taking the medicine for life. 

This is the point at which you might want to ask yourself, "Why didn't I simply change my lifestyle in the first place?"

It is not my argument that there is no place for medicine or even Ozempic. There will always be extraneous medical conditions that require intervention.

But if you want real results, look at the way you are living your life. 

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