Troponin - test for Covid related heart risk

Troponin - test for Covid related heart risk

Troponin is a protein found in your body. It is used as a marker to evaluate the risk of a heart attack. Typically, a doctor would recommend one if they feared that you might have had one. Can it also be used to predict the risk of COVID-related heart risk?

We have been hearing for some time now that young people in good health suddenly have a heart attack.

Increasingly, people are linking the heart attack to a COVID-related cause. Some argue that it is due to the vaccine. Some believe that the virus caused it.

Regardless, it does seem that a percentage of people do seem to be having an untimely heart attack. Where does troponin come in?

A research study was done with approximately 6,000 people. Among them were people from all age brackets, including children. They were being assessed for the presence of troponin.

The study found that patients with mildly or severely elevated troponin had a two- to four-fold increase in the risk of death compared to those who had normal levels.

The same research study seemed to suggest that COVID, the vaccine, or both had resulted in inflammation and a cytokine storm, causing damage to the cardiac muscles and increasing plaque in the arteries.

An elevated troponin level was indicating this change. So should you get yourself tested?

I am a huge fan of testing. I try to get myself tested as often as is feasible, but at least 2-3 times a year. Testing with illness allows me to see the chemistry of my body without any illness.

It also allows me to know trends and co-relate the results to how I am feeling otherwise. So much so that next month we are rolling out our own blood testing services in partnership with a leading diagnostic company in Mumbai.

So should you test for troponin?

Yes, especially if you are heavier than your ideal weight, have elevated cholesterol, have a family history of heart disease, or feel breathless.

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