The Last Decade - How to live

The Last Decade - How to live

Some of you wrote back to tell me that I neglect older people. Allow me to make amends.

What if you are living your last decade? What should you do?

At the risk of sounding cliched, live every moment like it was your last, second, or decade.

I hope by now you have earned some free time. So here goes, if you have.


Move like your life depends on it. Counterintuitively, we go from being an active child to a sedentary grandparent. Our bodies can't take it anymore, you might say.

Nothing is further from the truth. Walk or cycle for at least two or even three hours a day. What did you earn the extra time for? Strength train, jump, and skip. It will give you stronger bones. Garden, if you will.

Change the cliched image of an old grandparent falling asleep in front of the television. That is what makes you sick.

Start slowly if your past few decades have been sedentary, but increase your ability with each passing day.


Cook all your own meals if you can, or cook in small groups with friends. Meet together in a kitchen and cook lunch, dinner, or both every day. The combination of company and freshly cooked home food is pure magic.

Test. Test yourself at least once every three months. Your risk for disease increases with age. Most diseases are better managed the sooner you detect them.

Get yourself tested frequently so you can course-correct if needed.


Play games that test your brain. Play games that test your dexterity. Play games that test your nervous response. This funnily may be the right age to play video games, for example. Remain active every second that you are not doing something.


Prayer allows you to switch from I to Her. You are going beyond yourself and believing in greater good and greater power. Meditate, pray, and sing if that is what gives you joy.

Belief drives thought. Thought drives action. Action repeated builds habits. Habits make your life meaningful.

Live. Live every moment. No one knows how many more are coming.

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