Stressed? Is there a way out?

Stressed? Is there a way out?

I am stressed. No, not me personally, but a significant number of the people I meet. Stress then becomes a gatekeeper for the ability to live or not live a healthy life.

If you are stressed, do you have an option?

To find out, let us first examine the origins of stress. If you are reading this blog, chances are you have been fed, clothed, and have a home. It's not basic needs that cause stress. Stress is likely an outcome of dissonance in your schemas.

A schema is a construct in your brain of how life ought to be. When life is at odds with your construct, it stresses you out. You might find yourself saying, Why me?

The stress that ensues then creates physical stress. I have been speaking about this for years now: 

Stress is primarily physical, not emotional. Your body gets stressed, not your mind.

So once you are stressed, your mind will race with thoughts. What if this happens, or why did that happen to me?

We teach people how to address these in a program that I run. Let me give you the simplified version.

Stress by itself is not good or bad. It is how you use it that makes it good or bad. Use your worries or concerns to be 100% productive in the present.

Use your worry as fuel to propel you to use all your abilities, but in the present and directed towards thought and action. Think about what you can do, and then do it. Once you have, leave it to life to sort itself out.

Work on your physical stress. Tight muscles, shallow breathing, disturbed sleep, or poor digestion. Typically, these are common outcomes of stress. They can all be solved.

Finally, go back and look at your schemas. Beyond the obvious, I want to be happy, there will be a host of schemas that are causing you grief. You may not need all of them. Reprogram your brain. The brain is the most malleable tool we have.

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