Stem cells - what can go wrong?

Stem cells - what can go wrong?

Stem cells are the raw materials used to make your body every second. Your body produces up to 5 million new cells every second.

To do so, they need a constant supply of stem cells. The bone marrow is the source of these stem cells.

So what can go wrong in this process, causing ageing and degeneration?

Stem cells themselves have to divide and replicate to meet the demand. While doing so, errors develop.

The progeny of stem cells, then, do not carry the same capacity to trigger responses in your body.

While attempting to replicate, the capacity to replicate can be reduced. You no longer have the same rate of availability for stem cells.

With birth comes death. New stem cells need to replace the old ones. New stem cells need to replace the dead ones.

If stem cells do not die efficiently, they get left behind in your body as "ghost cells."

Sometimes, while replicating themselves, stem cells can turn rogue. When they do, they can be tumorous.

So if you notice, all the typical problems that afflict our regular cells equally affect our stem cells. It is a feat of engineering, through evolution, that we do not fall ill more often.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of stem cell dysfunction?

The answer is the same. Homeostatic balance.

Your body operates in a narrow range across all its parameters.

When it finds itself within its parameters, all is well. When you are outside your limits, your body is inflamed and needs to self-correct. Doing so consumes energy and increases the risk of malfunction.

Being in balance means creating an environment where you are doing what you ought to be doing for your body.

Eating well, sleeping well, breathing well, exercising, reducing toxicity in your environment, and reducing stress and anxiety.

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