Restless - are you without knowing?

Restless - are you without knowing?

Restlessness is a condition that afflicts many of us. What is surprising is that it can occur without the person realising that they are restless.

Recently, I had the good fortune to be invited to a high-end sauna. A sauna is a wonderful way of increasing blood circulation, similar to what happens to you when you exercise.

Generally, saunas are empty, and I found myself the only occupant. I tend to close my eyes and meditate when inside a sauna which is what I was doing. Until someone else entered.

Once he entered, he was restless, like his life depended on being so. Sniffling and breathing heavily, he constantly cracked his knuckles, tapped his feet, and clapped his hands. He kept swaying back and forth, hunching over the bench.

Now, unless he has discovered some new found technique to maximise the use of a sauna, which has escaped my attention, I am befuddled.

Why would you be so restless?

Did he realise that he was being so restless? I would guess not. He is not alone. Many of us find ourselves unable to sit patiently in a place. Breathe slowly, and do not do much at all.

Our nervous energy takes over, and we need to keep fidgeting or doing something.

Ten years ago, I was the same. I would keep playing with a pencil or pen at my work station. I would keep fidgeting with something or another.

Until I discovered the joy of being at peace with the moment.

Being at peace was not the outcome of some deep insight. Instead, it was the slow and gradual buildup of several lessons that culminated in being peaceful.

Breathing slowly. Realising that the only truth was in the present moment. Meditating to release unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Acceptance that I was only acting out my life and had very little control, to name a few.

When you are still and calm, you know it. But in truth, when you are not still and calm, you need the most awareness.

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