Real Food Anyone?

Real Food Anyone?

Cheese or something like it. If you follow the news, you must have heard about the keruffle about the cheese in the burger.

Or what looked like cheese? 

One of the best-kept secrets in the food industry are products labeled with ingredients. Whole wheat, multi-grain, real juice, or the goodness of ghee. The list is endless. 

I recall two significant turning points in my journey of discovery. When I discovered that my coffee was not coffee and that my cheese was not cheese,. 

I used to drink a brand of instant coffee and consume large quantities of cheese. The coffee was my pleasure but the cheese, I thought, was my obesiance to good health. 

I am having a cheese sandwich or a cheese dosa, instantly lending respectability to the dish. 

Except the cheese was not cheese at all. 

None of us look at the ingredient list. Most commercial cheeses are cheese flavors, milk, or other products. My coffee, horror of horrors, was only about 2% coffee, and the rest of it was nitrogen.

I traded up to ground beans for my coffee and "unprocessed" cheese for my fix of good health.

So what should you do?

Obviously, pay attention. When it comes to food, cheap and beautiful looking are red flags. We buy organic vegetables from a friend. The carrots come in strange shapes and sizes. 

So if your carrot comes looking like it was crafted by Da Vinci, run away as far as you can. Long beautiful, with a lovely orange hue that looks like it was chiseled, not grown. 

When buying products that come packaged, pay attention to the ingredients. One of the most common ones I hear is multi-grain bread. In my experience, that has been 5% multi-grain and the rest your usual white flour. 

If you are worried that your costs will go up, they will. But remember, you are eating more than you need, in all likelihood. So make up with less food but better quality. 

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