Post Truth World - we are manipulated everyday

Post Truth World - we are manipulated everyday

We live in a post-truth world. I heard these words for the first time from Donald Trump. Perhaps because of the public image he carries, my brain disagreed.

But do we live in a post-truth world? What does it mean anyway?

Truth is "a fact or a belief that is accepted as true." When most of us believe that something is true, it is. Or is it?

The truth for us is shaped by what we see around us, what we hear, what we are told, and what we experience.

In the past, this was what the villagers or tribes around us would tell us, along with what we experienced. It was easy for an incorrect truth to be accepted as true. The sun goes around the earth, for example.

You would imagine that with modern technology, computers, and the internet, it would be impossible for something that was not true to be accepted as. 

But, as startling as it may sound, I am coming around to the view that we do live in a world where the truth is short changed every day.

I recently read a brilliant article.

Would you take a product that increased red blood cells, increased physical performance, was consumed regularly by the athlete who broke the 4-mile record, and was really cheap? Of course, you would.

Until perhaps you were told that the product was a cigarette.

But scientific studies have shown a cigarette can increase red blood cells and enhance athletic performance. Why would you deny the benefits?

How would you know anyway? Why would you deny the scientific experts who have taken pains to study this issue?

So perhaps we live in a post-truth world where we are manipulated on an everyday basis.

I wrote in my book that the history of this manipulation started with the advent of shares and shareholders.

Prior, property and wealth were controlled by the Queen, who had no desire to reward shareholders.

Once we created companies that needed to maximise profit, we had no option but to manipulate the subjects. So we play with the truth. 

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