Pollution - What it does to you

Pollution - What it does to you

Pollution is everywhere in the winter. Look out of your window or your car, and all you can see is smog. Often, you can't even see.

So what is this pollution doing to you?

Your body has an innate and sophisticated defence system. Your skin and nose all have unique defence systems to protect you.

Assume it got overwhelmed, as it does for so many people, come winter time. Your defence at this juncture is only inflammation.

Your body responds by inflaming the respiratory tract. Your bronchii would inflame, and your body would produce mucus. If this does not clear up soon, it will transfer to the rest of your body.

Here is where it gets complicated.

Your whole body is now forced to respond. Your nervous system starts firing. In fact, overfiring occurs because the body believes this is an "all hands on deck" sort of situation.

Your blood flow will increase, and your digestion will be affected. As all of this is happening, your body's energy-balancing system, or what we call metabolism, gets disrupted.

Your insulin and sugar balance are now affected.

Finally, all of this will affect your blood supply system, your arteries, and your veins. You are more prone to cardiovascular dysfunction.

So, the unfortunate reality is that pollution does not only cause coughing and wheezing. It has a longer-term effect.

So, what can you do?

While we look for a solution for 2024, maybe it is time we look for a longer-term solution. Since pollution affects all of us equally, everyone would care. Our government officials, our leaders, and our opinion makers.

Make this an important issue for them as a citizen.

Yes, of course, food, shelter, and security matter. But equally, living in a clean environment matters.

In the mean time, do something to help reduce the pollution, at least within your home and office. In the car, use activated charcoal to reduce pollution. 

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