Plastic - How it mimics hormones

Plastic - How it mimics hormones
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Plastic in our world today is ubiquitous. In fact, so much so that you probably do not realise its wide spread prevalence. The keyboard on which I am typing this article, for example, is made from plastic.

Yes, I bet you did not think of the keyboard as something made from plastic.

That is how ubiquitous it is. But why does this matter? Any material that mimics the action of a hormone is disruptive in nature. If the material were to enter your body, your body would confuse it for a regular hormone. Your body will treat it like a regular hormone. Here is the problem:

When an artificial material mimics a real one, it prevents the real one from acting on your cells. Your body believes that it has already received that hormone and does not seek more. Unfortunately, the artificial material cannot possibly do what your naturally occurring hormone would have. This has serious consequences.

On my show with Dr. Nozer Sheriar, which releases today at 12 p.m., we discussed the dangers. Man or woman, please do not miss watching it.

When a hormone-disrupting chemical from plastic enters the body of a woman, it mimics oestrogen. When this occurs, it triggers a disruption of the hormonal cycle. Weight gain, disrupted cycles, infertility, and early menarche ensue.

In case you are thinking this is a woman only problem, it is not. Men are equally affected, with male fertility dramatically dropping in the past fifty years.

Without understanding the true cause, we look at external factors. Stress, mood, and anxiety are the most common ones. You could even medicate yourself or your child with the belief that this is so.

Inadvertently, you have set off a terrible cycle of treating the wrong cause, the effect of the invalid treatment, its consequences, and the despair of not seeing results.

Needless to say, plastics are everywhere. We personally tried to reduce its presence in our home. We went crazy.

At every talk I give, I mention the evils of drinking water from a plastic bottle. Yet, I am confronted with the same plastic bottle on stage the next time.

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