PCOD - lets peel the onion

PCOD - lets peel the onion

PCOD is a condition that affects women. It regulates their capacity to bear children. Common symptoms include weight gain, debilitating pain, cramps, hunger, and mood swings. Let's peel the onion to understand what exactly is going on.

Let's start with the weight. The most commonly accepted theory around weight gain is that you are eating more calories than you need. The extra gets stored, causing the weight gain. Naturally, you would love to eat less, but you feel hungry and are unable to regulate the hunger. So let's understand hunger.

Hunger is a little strange. You see, you are on one hand talking about excess weight and on the other about constant hunger. Both can't be true. The hunger clearly can't be for more food. So what is causing hunger? In one word, deficiency. So let us understand deficiency.

Your body needs a myriad array of things to survive. Minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, and so on. But not only does it need variety, it needs it all. A shortage of anything will cause hunger.

So the only way to regulate hunger is to eat everything the body needs. Do that, and hunger will dissipate. Once that happens, you can be in calorie balance. If you are in calorie balance, your weight will improve. The link to PCOD?

PCOD is a condition caused by the body producing too much oestrogen. Oestrogen is produced when the body stores weight, especially around the abdomen. So you see, how is this all circular? What's the cure?

You need to eat a balanced meal, which by definition means it is not a diet. Unfortunately, most people end up going on a diet, which just makes the situation worse. The best way out is to peel the onion and understand the root cause instead of looking for a quick fix. 

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