Omega 3 - focus on getting the components right

Omega 3 - focus on getting the components right

Omega 3 is good for you. This is an axiom that almost everyone seems to agree on. Physicians, naturopaths, and even Ayurvedic physicians concur, although the method of consumption may vary.

Before we discuss why this is the case and whether you should accept it, let us first understand exactly what Omega 3 is.

Omega 3 is a long-chain fatty acid with two main components. The two main components of Omega 3 are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). 

The ratio of these two main components can vary from source to source. The ideal ratio and quantity can also differ. So some sources have a 1:1 ratio, and some have a 2:1 mix of EPA and DHA. 

The quantity can also vary. I have seen Omega 3's with 400 mg, 1000 mg, and even 5000 mg per capsule. 

Getting the dosage right will make a difference in the outcome. 

If you're wondering what the magical outcome we're chasing is, it is heart health.

Omega 3 has been long believed to be beneficial for arterial health. They are believed to do so by reducing the production of triglycerides in the liver.

They reduce the release of fat into the blood and also help remove fat from the arteries by promoting the production of HDL. 

I take Omega 3 supplements regularly. I take about 1200 mg with a 2:1 EPA-to-DHA ratio. My cholesterol has been good for the past ten years.

My HDL (good) is high. My LDL (bad?) is low. In any case, my triglycerides were low. Yet, I still take the Omega 3 supplement. Let me explain why. 

Generally speaking, my food is clean. Fruits, vegetables, lentils, and good fats, such as bilona ghee, make up the bulk of my diet.

There is no point in having a supplement if your lifestyle is not going to be clean. 

Once the basics are in place, I want to make sure that my intake of Omega 3 is adequate.

Despite my best intentions, getting this right purely through food is challenging on an everyday basis. Therefore, I supplement for perhaps 200 days a year. 

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