Neurons that Fire, Wire

Neurons that Fire, Wire
Neurons that fire, wire! 

This could easily be one of the most powerful sentences you have ever heard about your mind, body, and life. So what does it mean when they say that your neurons wire when they fire? 

The story goes back to neurologist Donald Hebb, who first used the phrase in 1949. Donald was the father of a field called neurophychology. He pioneered work in learning and memory, but we are here to discuss how it impacts your life on an everyday basis. 

Your brain is made up of different parts. It is now generally accepted that your entire brain fires for the different things you do, both in thought and action. Yet, there are areas of the brain that specialize. 

So, for example, let us say you wake up every day and write down the things you are grateful for. Gratitude would create the firing of your neurons in parts of your brain. 

As the neurons fire, they wire, which, in simple terms, means that your brain believes that this is an important or necessary action that you need to take to survive.

Your brain then builds stronger, more robust pathways for these neurons to fire. 

So the more you practice gratitude, joy, love, and compassion, the better your brain will get at it. 

It really is that simple. It really is scientific. There is nothing soft or ambigous about this. 

The neurons that fire are not a function of you alone. The people you spend time with, what you consume, and what you do will trigger the firing of your neurons. 

Guard your time and space with unmatched jealousy. Who and what you let into your world are not transient events; they shape your life. They shape your behavior. They shape your thoughts and beliefs. 

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