My beliefs

My beliefs

Someone recently mentioned to me that it must take a lot of discipline to be able to write every single day. This got me thinking. What were the core values or beliefs that drove me to write? 

Was it my discipline, or was it something else? I thought it mattered that I share my beliefs as much as what I learn and understand about the human body. My beliefs are an integral part of what I say. 

I believe that the human body can self-correct most of the time, especially when you provide it with an environment to do so. Therefore, our job is not to fix it, but rather to get out of the way while doing so.

I believe that medical science is wonderful for those occasions when we can't. Either because of genetics or because of a lack of understanding, if we find ourselves in a position where things have broken down, medical science is what we should turn to.

After that, we should return with renewed vigour to the lifestyle that enables the body to heal itself.

The principles of good health are simple. Maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress and toxins are all key components of good health.

We focus on the shiny toys and forget the basic principles. It is easier to swallow a pill than to walk for ninety minutes. 

The mind is constantly predicting your reality. Often times, due to training over the years, it gets it wrong. It understands reality not for what it is, but for what it imagines it to be. That is what causes stress. 

Stress is then primarily physical, not emotional or mental. Reducing physical stress reduces our burden of emotional stress. If you find yourself stressed all the time, your first goal should be to reduce physical stress. 

Contra-intuitively, physical stress comes from slowing down and micro-stressing your body. When you do, your body adapts and gets stronger. 

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