Mood Changers - what is yours?

Mood Changers - what is yours?

Mood changers are actions you can take to switch your mood. We have experiences every day. Some of these are not pleasant. 

A friend is yelling at you. A vendor is being unreasonable. You were unable to achieve your goals. Perhaps you didn't accomplish what you anticipated you would.

How quickly can you switch your mood? What do you use to do so? 

The surprising thing is that we don't think about it too much. Instead, our emotions hold us captive. You might get upset if someone "tries to cheer you up." She does not understand my situation, you might find yourself saying. 

The thing is, being able to switch your mood is an acquired skill. A skill you need to hone with practice. Think of it as creating a toolkit for managing your mood.

I am only illustrating, but going for a walk, playing with children, practicing breathing, and listening to a song could be some of the things in your tool kit. 

However, our focus is on intentional practice. A routine.

Not something that happens by happenstance. You will need more than one, depending on the severity of what is occurring. With practice, you will know which one you need to turn on.

Being able to switch your mood at will is a superpower. Every moment you spent ruminating over something stole precious time from you.

In most cases, there wasn't really anything you could have done anyway. Ruminating did not solve the problem. 

Remember, as I have suggested before, happiness is not your goal. Being equanimous is. Being able to deal with life, whatever it offers, is.

An intentional practice that allows you to switch your mood and allows you to come back to your desired state. 

If you want to start with something small, just try smiling, regardless of the situation. Just the physical act of smiling changes your mood. Make it your superpower.

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