Money - What is your schema?

Money - What is your schema?

Human beings are emotional creatures. But without question, money is one of those things that generates a lot of emotions in us. 

Sure, we get emotional about our parents, friends, school, or even a well-made movie. But nothing can generate the kind of emotions that money can. 

The strange thing is that we mask, hide, and suppress our emotions about money. 

At least most of us do. We have been taught since we were children. Do not covet money. Money is evil. Money and material goods are fleeting.

You can't take money with you when you die. Money makes you fight with your near and dear ones. On and on and on.

Money has been labeled so many things that we today have more emotions about money than perhaps we do about humanity. 

But most of us do not acknowledge or admit it. 

It is as though, if we were to admit it, somehow we would become lesser people. Less refined. Less cultured. Debased in some way. 

The roots are many. Money can be evil. It can make people do the strangest of things. It can bring out some of our worst qualities as a race. 

But money can also give you the freedom to do so much. To make better choices. To live a better life. 

If you are wondering why a health blog is talking about money, the answer is simple. Money has become such a fundamental aspect of our lives that our health depends on it. 

If you are working eighteen hours a day to keep your family alive, your health will suffer. If you are constantly stressed about money, your health will suffer. 

So, is there a way out? 

I would make the case of first examining just what your relationship with money is. What emotions or thoughts do you feel when you think of money? 

Examine the schema's that made you feel the way you did. See if you want to change some of your schema's. 

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