Memory - Is age to blame?

Memory - Is age to blame?

Memory is an unforgiving companion. With the passage of time, it fades into the setting sun, like a long-lost friend, never to return.

Each passing day reminds you that you once had the pleasure, but he is unlikely to return. 

Like me, do you also believe that time is the enemy of memory? 

It took me forever to accept and realise that the human body renews all the time. It is not inevitable that your body will wither and decay with time. Muscles, bones, and tissue. If you follow the right steps, you can renew everything. 

So, obviously, it took me by surprise when I started writing an article on memory and realised that I had the same beliefs about my memory. That my memory was getting worse as I got older. 

Allow me to let the secret out. It's not true. 

Just like your body, your mind and memory are a result of training. When I was in college, I memorised an entire book on Indian economics.

With precision, I was able to recall GDP growth by year and rice production by state. You name the concept, and I could spout the exact year and figures. 

As time passed, remembering my phone number became difficult. I blamed age. 

Memory has always been a prized skill. It meant survival in historic times. Imagine forgetting the route home from a hunt. You get my point. 

Then modern technology came about. Books, notepads, computers, and phones. Phones now came equipped with GPS.

The need to remember slowly faded. After all, a map application was going to be more reliable, wasn't it? 

So if you want your memory to improve, what can you do?

First, start by believing that it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with training. Train yourself.

Pick up the book History of Indian Economics and memorize everything it contains. Your memory will start to work like a charm. 

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