Make your legs work for you

Make your legs work for you

Are your legs helping blood flow back into your body? Or are they a hindrance to blood flow? The difference can alter the state of your health.

So how would you know? 

There are tell-tale symptoms when blood is not flowing well. Your veins may pop, you may develop varicose veins.

You may feel tired, fatigue and the muscles in your legs may hurt. Your legs may tingle. These are all signs that the blood is not flowing well from your legs.

But you may ask, why does it matter? 

The flowing of blood in your body is as vital as breathing. You live till you are breathing. But in reality, breathing is only half the job. The job gets completed when blood delivers the oxygen to every cell in your body. 

So your body will always prioritize the flow of blood. It will increase your heart beat to compensate till it is satisfied that blood is flowing to every cell. That is where your legs come in. 

If your legs, especially your calf muscles work well, it helps take the pressure off your heart. You will not get the symptoms associated with poor blood flow. 

We have talked in the past about developing your calf muscles through walking and exercise to improve this. Today I want to focus on a few additional remedies. 

The first is a massage. For those who have blood pressure, tingling in the legs, lack of sensation or too much sensation in the legs, a massage can improve blood circulation and mitigate some of these symptoms. 

If you dont have access to someone to massage your legs (a willing husband, for example) then use a machine.

There are several machines available that massage your legs and improve blood circulation. They are expensive, but then good health is priceless. 

Finally, I cannot emphasise enough, the benefits of a sauna. A sauna increases your body temperature without you doing anything. This means your blood has to increase circulation to dissipate heat. Voila, you have better blood flow.

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