LifeStream - make yours deliberate

LifeStream - make yours deliberate

Life unfolds with the passage of time. You would forgive me if I used a stream as a metaphor to describe this phenomenon.

Your consciousness interacts with the events and circumstances that time brings with it. Let us call it your LifeStream.

Your LifeStream, then, can be broadly classified into two categories - random and deliberate.

Random events occur when, for example, you are on the road and someone tries to run you over. It is intimidating, maybe even frightening. You did not do anything to provoke it, you were simply the victim of being there.

Barring such events, the rest of the time, your LifeStream can be deliberate. You can decide who and what enters your lifestream and why. You can decide, to some extent, how.

You make choices that determine these events. Making these choices, I would argue, is one of the most important roles you have.

So what does it mean to be deliberate?

Since it is your consciousness interacting with time, this is largely an issue of what you do with the time given to you.

How do you fill your days and nights, and with what? What tools or techniques do you use to switch back from random events to deliberate ones? What methods or processes do you use to organize yourself and your day?

Remember that what you do with your second hour will often be a function of what you did with your first.

So think of someone who wakes up and has an angry call with a customer. Unquestionably, his or her second hour will be an outcome of the first.

God forbid you did. How could you switch from that to a deliberate recovery?

Building your own personal methods and tools to make your LifeStream as deliberate as you possibly can is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Using your thoughts and actions and the tools life has to offer to do so is the greatest education you can give yourself.

Making your LifeStream deliberate, not random, as far as possible, is the greatest choice you can make.

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