Lies - Only the Mind tells them

Lies - Only the Mind tells them

"I hate a liar more than I hate a thief. A thief is only after my salary; a liar is after my reality."

But have you ever thought about who or what lies? I don't mean as a species or a person. I mean, what part of your body lies? 

It hit me with great force while reading that it is only the mind that lies.

The body does not lie. 

But let me parse the statement for you to make this more clear. 

Generally speaking, the body tells the truth. It "reports" faithfully what is happening. Blood pressure, heartbeat, and toxins that build up in the liver, for example,. 

We would love for it to lie; after all, who wants to know that last night's excessive drinking resulted in a bad headache in the morning? 

Sure, we are misled. Chronic pain long after the cause is over, for example. But your body has to get overwhelmed before it starts to lie.

Your mind, on the other hand?

It can lie at the drop of a hat, fabricate reality, and make up stories that would put Shakespeare to shame. 

If you think of it as evolutionary, it probably started with self-preservation. Needing to hide that apple from Eve. 

But as we evolved, our needs became sophisticated and our minds became creative. 

So why does all of this matter? 

Well for starters, the mind starts to lie about the body. 

It tells you things that are not true and misleads you into thinking things that are. 

To go back to my favourite term in biology, your body needs homeostasis or balance. The creative mind can mislead you into thinking you are when you are not. 

The consequence is poor health, shorter life spans and worse. 

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