Left-Right - why do you have crossed wiring?

Left-Right - why do you have crossed wiring?

Left and right. Did you know that your right brain controls the left side of your body and vice versa? Have you ever wondered why?

In fact, not just you, even simple worms display the same right-left wiring. So what was the evolutionary reason why we were built this way? Wouldn't it just be easier for your left brain to control the left half of your body?

Simpler wiring, if you are an engineer? It turns out that the reason for this lies in engineering or mathematics.

When you perceive your world, the signals travel through your senses into your brain. Your brain then has to render an image of what it is seeing.

I am going to keep the next part as simple as I can.

When your brain renders an image, it is converting what is a three-dimensional image into a two-dimensional one in the brain.

Remember, the brain not only renders one image but constantly renders images as you move, your hands and legs move, or even your head tilts forward or backward.

While doing so, according to one theory, it is easier to do it if the wiring crosses and the right side renders the left, and vice versa [see below].

Does this mean that the theory of the left brain and the right brain is true?

The answer to that is more confusing. There are areas that are more dominant when it comes to a skill.

The left brain, specifically an area known as Broca's area, has been shown in clinical trials to be the dominant area for language.

However, other studies have shown that, for most things, your entire brain lights up, even if a certain area is more dominant.

One of the best things you can do to stimulate this is to practice something that requires both sides of your body to act.

Playing the piano with both hands, for example.

I hope you had a good year filled with growth and happiness.

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