Learning - My greatest learning

Learning - My greatest learning

We all learn. All the time. So what differentiates someone who learns better than you? Is the person inherently brighter? 

Or what about someone who takes time to grasp something? Is that person inherently less intelligent? 

As human beings, we cherish intelligent, quick learners, or thinkers. Let us use the passing of Daniel Kahneman to discuss these concepts. 

My dad is one of those people who is slow and thoughtful. You can't throw an idea at him and expect him to respond on the fly. 

Yet he comes up with world-changing ideas—ones that truly disrupt. 

Others are "quick on the uptake." They respond with alacrity. 

Then there are those who can connect ideas and concepts. They come up with original ideas. Newton thought of gravity, for example. 

How would you become someone who could combine all these skills? 

Training! Surprisingly, you can train yourself to acquire all these skills. The more you practice, the better you get. 

Recognise that you have a fast brain and a slow brain, as Daniel Kahneman explained to us. 

The fast brain makes instant judgments. The slow brain takes time to process information.

You can train yourself to get better at both. Training comes from teaching yourself how to process information, both in real time and deliberately. 

I use a tool called Upen to write down notes about the judgement calls I make. I try to do this as often as I can.

By writing down the judgement calls that I made both quick and slow I am able to go back and connect them to my beliefs. 

The ability to connect your beliefs to your judgement over time, teaches you why you made the choice that you made. 

Next, you can connect these two conceptual frameworks on how and why you should make decisions. 

The end result is pure magic. The amazing thing is that this conceptual framework can apply to almost anything that you're doing singing dancing working or playing. 

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