Leaky Gut - why on earth is your gut leaking?

Leaky Gut - why on earth is your gut leaking?

Have you ever wondered what is leaking and why you are told you have a leaky gut? After all, your body looks fairly solid, so what is leaking after all?

Some of the ailments you can face as an outcome include depression, PCO, rheumatoid arthritis, and fatigue. So if you have a leaky gut, you really want to fix it.

To diagnose, you can do several things. You are given a chemical solution, and you then collect your urine sample a few hours later.

The chemical solution contains different materials. If they end up in your urine, chances are your gut is leaking.

You can administer a blood test. They are looking for a protein called zonulin. Zonulin regulates the pores in your gut walls. So if the levels are elevated, it indicates that your pores are open and leaky.

Of course, you can ask, Why is your gut leaking in the first place?

In some sense, your gut is supposed to leak. The food that you eat is broken down into energy (glucose) and nutrients.

The nutrients transfer from your digestive system into your bloodstream. The blood then transports it everywhere to be used.

It is when this process becomes dysfunctional that you develop a leaky gut. For example, the lining of your gut has cells.

These cells would have junctions where they join each other. Normally, these junctions are tight and do not allow anything to leak.

Toxins and alcohol, for example, can change this. Think of the toxin as something that creates a wedge at these junctions allowing things to leak.

Slowly over time you will develop a leaky gut as the toxins get lodged preventing even the new cells being formed from repairing the area.

You will experience is as discomfort, indigestion or worse.  

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