Ketosis - what is it actually?

Ketosis - what is it actually?

Ketosis is a condition in which the body produces ketones. If you have never heard of ketosis or ketones, read on. It is a way for your body to produce an alternative source of energy.

Typically, your body relies on carbohydrates, protein, and fat as its source of energy, both from food and within the body. So where do ketones and ketosis fit in?

Ketosis is a condition that occurs when you do not consume any carbohydrates. More accurately, you consume less than twenty grammes of carbohydrates per day on an ongoing basis.

To be clear, you fall out of ketosis if you consume more than twenty grammes at any point in time, any day of the week. If you are in ketosis, your body starts to produce an alternative fuel known as ketones.

Your body makes ketones by burning fat in your body or by burning the fat that you consume. If there are excess ketones in your body, they will get excreted instead of being stored.

It is for this reason that many people across the world advocate a ketogenic diet. You are burning the fat in your body and also the fat that you consume, sort of making it feel like a free lunch. So where is the catch?

Allow me to answer this in an Indian context. One roti contains approximately 20 grammes of carbohydrate.

Any grain, millets of wheat or otherwise. If you ate vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, and lentils, not to mention sweets, chocolates, or pastries, you would immediately get kicked out of ketosis.

I tried it for a day. It created an absurd and traumatic situation for me. By the evening, I was in panic about what to eat, given that I am a vegetarian. So, am I not in favour?

The answer, like always, is yes, but! If you can live on pure fat and protein, which in this case has to come largely from meat, then ketosis is for you.

If this is a short-term thing that you are doing for a goal, then by all means But in my humble opinion, it is hard to live like this forever for most people.

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