Inflammation - its affect on weight

Inflammation - its affect on weight

Inflammation is the response of the human body to an aggravation. In medicine, they use the term "insult." So when you do something to insult your body, inflammation occurs.

But what does inflammation have to do with weight and fat loss? 

If you are doing everything right and still struggling to lose weight, one of the possible reasons could be chronic inflammation. Allow me to explain. 

Inflammation occurs when your body is out of balance. Your heartbeat is too fast. Your blood pressure is too high.

Your liver or kidneys are not working as well, or perhaps they have been overloaded with toxins. 

One of the responses to inflammation is a disbalance in the regulation of your sugar. A quick reminder: Your body converts food into sugar to be used as energy or stored. 

You have approximately five grams of sugar in your body at any point in time. Your body regulates this number very tightly. It does not like too much or too little. 

When you have chronic inflammation, the body's ability to regulate this sugar gets disrupted. Here is when it gets interesting.

When your sugar regulation is disrupted, in turn, it affects the body's ability to regulate fat storage and fat storage cells. 

Your body has cells in which fat is stored. Your body made all the fat storage cells by the time you were five, according to science.

It is for this reason that we are told to avoid having overweight children. 

When your body has chronic inflammation, which in turn causes sugar disregulation, that affects your ability to regulate fat cells. So in a sense, you are adding insult to injury. 

So what can you do? 

If you have chronic inflammation, look at the underlying cause. 

Inflammation, strangely, is the only tool the body has to fight you being out of balance.

If you were able to go back to being in balance, the inflammation would disappear and the host of problems that came alongside would disappear as well. 

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