Immortality - is your turn imminent?

Immortality - is your turn imminent?

Immortality, as I have mentioned in my book, seems to seize humankind at some point in their lives. The more famous stories come from the well-to-do, perhaps because they spend resources finding cures. Are you meant to be immortal?

In recent times, billionaires and millionaires have made the news for funding or wanting immortality.

Without taking names, the owner of the biggest store on earth, the owner of the largest search engine until ChatGPT came and took over, for example.

Both have funded large-scale projects to discover what it would take to make us immortal. Doctors and scientists at Harvard have promoted the belief and then the products that seemingly help. So are we nearing the cure?

None of this is new. The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, ingested a mercury-based drink to seek immortality. Not surprisingly, it did not end well for him. We have come a long way from there, having acquired the knowledge that mercury is toxic.

Enzymes, blood transfusions, ingesting bacteria, seeking to lengthen telemores—we have tried it all.

Here is the strange thing. Yoga has talked about a form of immortality since thousands of years ago. For the longest time, I thought of yoga as a breathing and exercise practice. But in reality, it is much deeper.

A study of the various stages of yoga talks about the mind, body, and soul. In the higher versions of yoga, you attain the ability to leave your body at will and come back.

Of course, it is said that at points like this, you may realise the futility of staying in a shell and want to leave your body all together.

I asked this question of Dr. Rajiv Kumar on my show. He pithily replied, These are questions being asked by people who do not understand life.

Your goal is to understand your purpose in life. You do not need a very long life to do so.

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