Idil - An Ethiopian Lesson for success

Idil - An Ethiopian Lesson for success

Idil is a concept used in Ethiopia among runners. If you are among those who believe things are not working out for you or might not work out for you, this is a powerful concept to adopt. Allow me to explain.

The Amhara Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia believe Idil is a state of being in which only God has true knowledge of what will happen.

However, if they work hard, they may be rewarded with a performance that is truly spectacular.

Ethiopian runners, as you might already know, dominate marathon running. Most of these runners do not come from privileged backgrounds or have fancy sponsorships. At least not while they are trying to make it.

So a lot depends on their attitude and beliefs. Loosely speaking, their belief is to do what is needed and not worry about the outcome.

It is not different from what is told to us in the Gita. But why am I bringing it up then?

Too many of us live under the false belief that our lives cannot change or that they cannot be different. It has not been for a lack of trying, to be fair. But at some point, perhaps our will breaks down and our spirits break.

Idil then is a belief in a greater God, a greater purpose, or a greater good.

So how does this apply to the world of good health?

Say you have had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or, heaven forbid, a more severe ailment. While medical intervention or natural interventions are obviously the way forward, what you believe is the pivot around which the outcomes revolve.

Belief is a slippery slope. Everyone wants to believe. In fact, in my personal opinion, we are desperate for belief. So much so that often times charlatans take advantage.

We are disappointed, not hurt, and promise never to believe again. But belief, or Idil, is the key to success.

Experience should teach you how to choose who and what to believe.

If you are more interested in the topic, read the book Out of Thin Air by Michael Crawley

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