I Don't Know - Stress is caused by the belief that you know

I Don't Know - Stress is caused by the belief that you know

I don't know! 

Today, I am going to attempt to teach you the incredible power of not knowing. Not just not knowing, but being able to accept that you do not know. 

The belief that you know is at the root of many of our problems.

Allow me to explain. The mind is constantly wondering from the past to the future. When it does, it causes stress, anxiety, and worry. 

The anxiety is caused by the belief that you carry that you know. You know your friend was out to harm you yesterday. You know that you will be fired from your job tomorrow. 

When thoughts such as these cross your mind, your mind takes a definitive view of what was or what might be. There is little ambiguity. You are sure it happened or will. 

But, of course, neither is true. You might like to tell yourself that you have amazing instincts, survival skills, and insights into world events or human behavior. 

But the truth is, we do not really know. We have a best guess, if at all. 

The strange thing is that, more often than not, our best guess is wrong. If you were wrong about something, chances are you will not remember being wrong. 

It is only when our best guess turns out to be true that we tell ourselves, "See, I told you."

But the truth is, we do not really know. 

The disconnect arises because we like to believe that we know. We like certainty, even if the confidence in it is made up for the moment. 

Our belief that we know causes us immense harm. It results in us berating ourselves when we visit the past or peer into the future. 

So free yourself. 

Tell yourself that you really do not know. You might have a surmise, but you really, truly do not know. It will greatly reduce your burden of stress. 

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