Hotels - they are changing

Hotels - they are changing

I speak at events. One of the privileges is a stay at a premium hotel. Hilton, Marriot, Oberoi, and so on. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of my stay has been the use of plastic bottles for water. 

That is now changing, thank God.

For any hotel with thousands of guests staying and visiting each day, the delivery of water is a huge challenge.

Imagine if you had to carry water in jugs for each guest, resident, or visitor.

Therefore, not surprisingly, hotels shifted to bottled water, like they shifted to the kettle for tea and coffee.

It was just lower cost and effort. Unfortunately, plastic was the choice.

Plastic bottles leach chemicals at room temperature. Recent studies show that the leakage of microplastic may be much higher than previously thought.

So the use of plastic was contributing to our getting sick.

A recent trend I have observed is the shift to water in glass bottles. Whether it is in your room or at a restaurant, the travel industry is shifting to glass. Thank God.

If you still see plastic bottles, make a noise and let them know that the trend is changing. In fact, if you are an entrepreneur, look at a way to deliver water in glass bottles to the travel industry. It is an opportunity waiting to be taken.

Another shift that is slowly changing is the use of industrial seed oils. Hotels and restaurants use industrial-grade seed oils for cooking.

It is much cheaper. But again, in my opinion, industrial seed oils are not good for your health.

The hotel industry is catching on, and some are now offering you the option to switch to ghee, for example.

Again, make a noise, demand better cooking mediums, and the industry will catch up.

Personally, I would rather stay one night at a hotel or eat 50% less meals at a restaurant and get better quality than have someone play with my health.

Imagine a day when eating out and traveling contributes to your health instead of hurting it.

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