Health Stack - what does yours look like?

Health Stack - what does yours look like?

Health stacks! Have you recently been a part of a conversation and heard someone talk about their health? Typically, these conversations slip into a discussion about the various supplements, injections, and ice-plunge therapies they may be doing. Feeling left out, you too want to join the bandwagon. If you are, here is what my health stack would look like.

Insurance: It may sound strange, but I would start with insurance. An insurance policy that allows you—maybe even compels you—to get 3–4 checkups done. These checkups are comprehensive. They test for cancer, metabolic health, and physical capacity—the ability to stand on one leg, for example.

Device: I would use a wrist watch and a heart rate monitor to track my metrics. Sleep, exercise, stress, and its effect on my heart rate variability. I would connect this device to a system that could monitor all my statistics.

Trainer: I would hire someone to train me physically for exercise and breathing. Strength conditioning, walking, stretching, and breathing. Play a sport or learn martial arts if you like.

Nutrition: I would speak to or work with someone who really understands the science of nutrition. High-quality, complete nutrition is easily one of the biggest drivers of good health. Nutrition here means food, not supplements. If you are looking for a nutrition stack made from needles and IV fluid, in my humble opinion, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Sleep: If money is not a constraint, get a really good mattress. Alternatively, use a hard futon mattress. Get blinds that can make your room dark, and invest in quality conditioning that can regulate the temperature of your room. Colder is better.

Massage: get regular massages if you can, especially those done by the Kerela Ayurveda practitioners if you are in India. If you live abroad, find an Ayurvedic practitioner or someone who knows Swedish deep tissue.

There you go—everything you need to keep yourself in top physical shape.