Goals or Systems

Goals or Systems

When we want to achieve something in our lives, we set goals. As the story goes, football would be very boring without a goal post, the notion of scoring a goal, and a scoreboard keeping track.

So your dream would be to score more goals, wouldn't it?

But as we all know, merely setting a goal does not help. In fact, we quickly fail and often even give up. That is not for me, you might say.

Your goals may not have been wrong or difficult to achieve. What you might be missing is a system to achieve your goal. 

Without a system, it would be impossible to accomplish any goal or objective.

So what is the system that you have created for achieving your goals? What habits, practices, and mindsets have you created that will ensure that you get things done?

Goals, by definition, are daunting. They should be; otherwise, they are not goals. A system takes a daunting goal and breaks it down into small, incremental steps. Something you could do right now.

A system then takes that small activity or step and builds a method such that you can repeat it over and over again.

Take my example. I make my own breakfast. It is my habit and system to control what I eat in the morning. I hold true to this, regardless of whether I am travelling or at home.

Here is why I do it: Because I am doing it on my own, I don't eat cooked food. I don't add salt. I don't add anything unhealthy. Cooking your own food presents challenges. It is easy to eat when it is already on the table.

So, whatever your goals are, build systems for them. It is the system and habits that will help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

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