Gemba - Using it to observe your mind and body

Gemba - Using it to observe your mind and body

Gemba is a tool used in Japanese manufacturing. It refers to the need to be on the shop floor, or the actual place where work is being done.

The concept of gemba asks you to get your hands and feet dirty by spending time on and actually doing or observing work. '

The argument is to ask you to stop being an armchair, or in this case, a boardroom critic.

So what does the concept of Gemba have to do with health?

Your mind and body work much like any workplace or factory. Instead of reading articles, watching a documentary, or listening to people on social media, you would be far better served by going to your factory floor.

In this case, we mean doing as opposed to watching or reading.

For most of us, doing itself is a chore. We try to find quick fixes and short cuts.

With such a frame of mind, to do and to observe would be nigh impossible. Watch how I run, swim, or cycle and do it, you might ask?

But through observation comes learning. This is real learning, not the stuff you read in a book or article.

How did your breathing respond as you increased or decreased your running speed?

How do your muscles in the shoulder respond as you take another leap at conquering the water during your swim?

In fact, how does your mind respond?

So using the concept of gemba, how can you go for a walk to observe what is happening? Except in this case, you are doing and observing at the same time.

If you are among those who have made taking care of your health a priority, start observing. It will be difficult at first, but slowly, you will learn to observe as you do.

Overstimulated, we have stopped having the ability to slow down and live.

Living is observing your mind and body as you live. it is meditation. Something can do all the time. 

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