Gaslighting -

Gaslighting -

Apologies. I am revisiting diabetes again. The world is gaslighting us. It forces me to keep going back to this topic.

Diabetes is like a temperature. If your temperature is high, chances are you are not well. Similarly, if you are tending towards diabetes, chances are that you have other underlying problems.

I watched an online debate on diabetes. It has a few doctors talking about the risks of diabetes.

So, for example, we had one of the experts guide us on nutrition. What was striking to me was the continuous use of the words difficult, unsustainable, challenging, etc.

Folks, life is difficult.

We had to fight the greatest of odds to be here. We are good at this kind of stuff; otherwise, we would not be here.

The topic quickly moved to exercise. We were told to get up and walk every thirty minutes from our chairs to build exercise into our lives.

It is so seductive, isn't it? Just get a quick 2-minute walk every thirty minutes or so, and life will be fine. We all know that the 2-minute walk will quickly degenerate to once a day or not at all.

We are being made to believe that the only option we have is to be desk bound, and the only way out is a quick fix, a 2-minute walk.

I don't want to make this a critique of the conversation.

Instead, I want to help all of you guard against the barrage of bad information. Not long ago, my post would get censored on social media if I used the word diabetes or insulin.

Today, those selling you a pill have injected themselves into the debate.

Can you get a better advisor to make lifestyle changes so that you do not need a drug anymore than the very entity selling you the drug.

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