Force Fitting Behavior

Force Fitting Behavior

Force-fitting behavior is something our parents or tribe used to do. Today, we are all subjected to it at a global level, perhaps even without realizing it. Let me explain. 

Did you dance to the song Macarena? Or, hmm, to it at least? 

In the global world that we live in, it has become increasingly easy to get the entire world to behave as one. Not always is that a good thing. 

Let us take television. Having one in your home is aspirational. Or at least used to be when I was younger.

I recall my grandfather bringing one home with great joy. The neighborhood would assemble to watch it together. 

As its prevalence spread, it forced global behavior to conform. Watching the evening 9 p.m. news, for example.

The next morning, people would meet and discuss what they saw and their opinions about it. 

Subtly, without realizing it, we changed our habits to pivot around such acts. Television force fit habits. 

It is not just television. Food, drink, clothing, homes, and on and on. Slowly but gradually, we have become subject to the standardization of behavior. 

If you still doubt me, ask yourself when was the last time you walked to work? 

But force-fitting behavior comes with challenges. 

Human beings as a global population have become increasingly seduced by the ease of living that comes with modern life. 

I can think of no better example than computers writing for me. When the technology first came out, I was in awe.

Wow! You mean I don't have to spend an hour every day researching, reading, assimilating, and then writing an article so that all of you can read it? 

I can just type in a few words, and voila, my work is done. 

Quickly, I realized that the outcome was a loss of learning and skill development for me. Sam Altman's servers were learning at my cost. 

Guard yourself against an easy life that diminishes your own capacity. 

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