Extinction - can we come back?

Extinction - can we come back?

We live in a small microcosm of time. They say that if you take all the time that human beings have been around, it would not amount to seconds in a day. 

Looking back in time, we find that very few species have survived since the beginning of life. Horsetails have been around for 400 million years.

Coelacanth has been around for a similar period. Although the exact age is uncertain, cyanobacteria have existed for about 3.5 billion years. 

Species go extinct. So, does that mean that in our future, the human race will also go extinct? 

It is likely that we will.

Let's imagine, for a moment, that this scenario occurs. How probable is it that humans will return?

I don't mean that Elon Musk will clone human beings; I mean, will there be a natural evolution of life that will create human beings again? 

It may take a million or even a billion years, but can humans, as a species, come back if they go extinct?

The odds are small, but not impossible.

This would imply that the same processes that transformed the ape into an early species of Homo sapiens would recur. These species would then evolve into something like human beings. 

But there is a catch. Living apes are not the ancestors of human beings. While chimpanzees and human beings are believed to have descended from a common ancestor, perhaps 6–8 million years ago, we evolved differently. 

So the gorilla you see in the wild or in a zoo is not strictly speaking your ancestor. So the odds of them evolving into something like the home sapien, while not impossible, is improbable. 

If you've ever heard of billionaires building secret bunkers and villas in remote locations, this is the reason. You need a few living beings to continue the human species. 

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