Energy Balance - your most basic function

Energy Balance - your most basic function

Type 2 diabetes is among the most common lifestyle diseases in modern society. There is a simple cure. Take medicines—insulin, for example—and keep your sugar levels in control.

What possible argument could you make against this?

Refer to the image above and perhaps, the answer will be obvious.

Essentially, what we are dealing with is a mathematical problem. One that has to be solved by your body on an everyday basis.

How to balance the energy requirements of the body.

Each day, when you consume food, your body converts the food into energy. As a first step, this means glucose.

As you do so, your body has to decide how much glucose it needs at that moment and how much to store. It uses insulin to regulate both.

So now, if you start consuming more than you need, your body has to produce more insulin.

Over time, if there is an excess production of insulin, your body has to now figure out what to do with the insulin (refer to the lower part of the image).

It starts to create insulin resistance.

Put simply the body is telling itself that you now have too much food and too much of the hormone that regulates the food.

So where does the medication come in? The medicines are helping you excrete all the excess glucose, reducing the production of insulin and therefore insulin resistance.

But as the image asks, why cant you just turn off the damn tap?

Just eat that much food that would ensure that you do not make too much insulin and do not get insulin resistance?

Makes perfect sense but for the fact that we have been seduced into believing that it is not possible. The only way out is to medicate.

What you are not told is that the medication is lifelong. You just handed over the regulation of the most basic function of your body, energy regulation, to a pill.

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