Energy balance - it drives behavior

Energy balance - it drives behavior

Energy drives the universe. Energy from the big bang created our universe. In turn, the sun powered ours. To exist, we need energy in the form of food. But do you know just how much your need for energy drives your choices, habits, and actions?

Your body exists in a delicate state of balance. The primary objective is energy balance. There is perhaps no greater need for the human body than to ensure that you have adequate energy at all times.

You see, your liver, spleen, and brain alone consume the bulk of what you need on an everyday basis. Without these, you would not live long. So the body does everything it can to ensure there is enough.

To do so, it will create mood, hunger, irritability, drowsiness, cold sweats, shivering, aroma, and memories, just to name a few. It is not circumstances that are driving your body. Instead, it is the need to be in energy balance.

So much so that scientists like Lisa Barett Feldman are now saying that even your perception of reality is driven by whether you are in energy balance or not.

In a famous experiment, scientists studied the likelihood of getting bail just after the judge had eaten. It was significantly higher than just before lunch.

A small wonder, then, that we love to eat even if it is more than we need. More is better as far as the body is concerned. So how can you help yourself?

Look at your behaviour through the prism of energy balance. Look at the signs and symptoms through the prism of energy balance. A significant part of what you do and why you do it is because your body is craving energy balance.

If you want to be in energy balance and prevent your body from exhibiting these signs and symptoms, stop starving yourself, intermittent fasting, or eating a fad diet. At least until you really know what you are doing.

There is no faster way to an energy crisis than to follow some half-baked plan that you picked up on social media.

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