Digital Twin - Futuristic or Imminent?

Digital Twin - Futuristic or Imminent?

Will you have a digital twin soon? No, I don't mean a clone who will go to work for you. I mean a simulated version of you, one on which we can run experiments.

If the idea sounds bizarre, perhaps once I am done, you will be convinced that, indeed, this is an excellent idea.

We have already started to create digital twins of cities, factories, and buildings. In this version, a replica of, say, a city exists inside a computer. It has every detail and every connection digitized. Once done, it becomes simple to run simulations.

What would happen if, for example, there was a fire on the eighteenth floor? How many people live on the floor and what are their ages? What would happen if all of them tried to run down the building?

Building scenarios of this kind helps you understand the risks, options, and possible solutions.

So, can we do the same for you?

Can we take all the unique characteristics that make you you and build a digital twin? One in which we can simulate scenarios?

What would happen, for example, if this person started smoking? What would happen if this person did not sleep enough?

Of course, we have a population-level answer already. We know that people who do not sleep or smoke have a greater risk of disease.

But is there a unique way in which you would respond? Can we finally answer the question of where you, specifically, would fall sick if you did not sleep?

The question is intriguing. There is no doubt that we are unique and do not respond equally to all stimuli.

So it would be fantastic to be able to build "what if" scenarios for us individually.

There is already an effort to personalise wellness and healthcare. Doing so with your digital twin would take it to a whole different level.

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