Diabetes - why I remain frustrated

Diabetes - why I remain frustrated

I successfully put my Type 2 Diabetes in remission a decade ago. Despite my success, I continue to remain frustrated by the perception that this is not possible.

So how did I reverse my Diabetes and why should you or anyone you know consider doing the same?

At its simplest, Type 2 Diabetes is a problem of the balance of energy intake (what you call food), the amount of sugar produced in your body as an outcome, and the amount of insulin made to use the sugar.

Food > Sugar > Insulin

So if the amount and type of food you ate were more than your daily needs, the amount of sugar you would make would be more than your daily needs.

This, in turn, would force your body to produce higher amounts of insulin.

As your body makes higher and higher amounts of insulin, you develop a condition known as insulin resistance.

Again, simply put, it just means that your body is becoming sensitive to the excess insulin and now needs more and more to do the same job.

You will reach a point where your body finds it hard to make sufficient insulin, or insulin resistance.

But that does not mean that you cannot change things. If you rebalance your food intake and change the quality of your food, within a few months, your body will rebalance itself.

The results may not be perfect. You may still get a high morning fasting from time to time. Your HbA1c may vary over the years. But done right, your trend will definitely be towards a reduction.

The production of sugar in the body is complex. Sleep, stress, mood, and exercise all have an effect. Your body composition affects it; for example, do you have muscles or not?

But none of this should be a reason for you to not try to reduce your blood sugar. None of those should be reasons for medication to quickly slide back into your life before you know it.

Not for nothing have we helped so many people improve their symptoms permanently.

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