Covid-19 - what happened?

Covid-19 - what happened?

Covid-19. What really happened? My understanding of what really happened in the past few years with respect to COVID-19 has undergone a dramatic transition. That is the nature of truth. It takes time to evolve and often does not really become mainstream information.

According to my recollection, I was among the early people to call this a frightening event in February 2020. My first thoughts were that we immediately needed a vaccine. There simply wasn't any other way to stop it. I wrote several articles about wearing a mask as a means of safety.

Yet, I resisted taking the vaccine. I felt healthy and fine, and we weren't really going out since the world was locked down. After much persuasion and fear of being unable to travel, I finally took the vaccine.

The first public dissonance, at least for me, was the tennis player Djokovic in 2022. It sounded so radical to hear a top player refuse to take a vaccine, even at the cost of not playing in a major grand slam tournament. Sure, we had heard President Trump mouth all kinds of magic cures, including a change in temperature that would drive the virus away, but I think his divisive image did him in.

So what about the mask? It turns out that they were not that useful. The guidelines kept changing, from the type to whether they were protecting you or the people you were with. There was confusion about the nature of transmission and how long the virus lingered in the air.

Over the last year, a lot of information has slowly trickled out. It now appears that it is increasingly likely that the virus was man-made. The cure, the vaccine, was worse than the cause. Recently released information shows that the vaccine contained all sorts of toxic materials. Apparently, lots of things, including the food you eat, contain toxic materials, such as mercury, but in medicine, they need disclosure.

There is increasingly evidence coming out that the vaccine did increase the risk of cardiac arrests. According to one estimate, about 8% of those who got vaccinated are at risk. Unfortunately, these include perfectly healthy people. Some doctors are reporting a relapse in cancer that was in remission. Some scientists are reporting persistent DNA and RNA strands in people well after they took the vaccine.

So was all of this a conspiracy to manipulate global hysteria and profit from it? Undeniably, many people did profit from it. It is increasingly likely that the major companies that made the vaccines are going to be sued for malpractice.

The truth will probably take more time to come out. There will always be some who will dismiss the conspiracy, just as there will be those who will concoct wild theories. My opinion? Something was definitely fishy about how the entire thing unfolded.