Calibration - the most important skill

Calibration - the most important skill

Calibration could easily be the most important skill you've never heard of.

Calibration is the notion of knowing how much to do. We do it all the time, except maybe not realising it. So, for example, you calibarate how much food you eat, how much water you drink, and even how much you sleep.

You also calibrate your emotions and choices. Should you get angry? Very angry? So, you see, without realising it or being conscious, we are always regulating how we experience our world and how we respond to it.

Calibrating things correctly is critical to your happiness and success.

So imagine you met someone new. You need to determine how much to trust the person. Should you go all in or be watchful? We make decisions like these all the time.

While the choices we make may not be obvious, the consequences are.

Trust more than you should, and there could be hell to pay. Eat too much, and there could be hell to pay. Eat too little, and there could be hell to pay.

So your ability to make judgements about how much or how little is crucial to the outcomes in your life.

We see it all the time. We label these people. "He is the trusting kind," or "She trusts too much."

In reality, there is no such thing.Instead, what the person is doing is overestimating how much she could trust compared to what would have been ideal.

Once you label someone as "the trusting kind," he or she becomes a victim of the label and begins to believe that is what is normal.

But what is required is a judicious judgement call each time you are making choices.

You see, there are no "kinds of people." There are just those who have the ability to make these calls better or worse than others.

Given that calibration affects almost everything you do, it might be a skill you pay attention to.

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