Brain & Body - One can change

Brain & Body - One can change

You were born with a brain and a body. It took me by surprise when, while listening to Professor Moran Cerf, I realised that only one can change. Allow me to explain. 

We inherit genetics. Genetics, to some extent, shapes our height, skin and eye colour, and even our mannerisms. So if your parents had black hair and brown eyes, chances are that you got the same. But what about your brain? 

You inherit the brains of your parents. But the brain is malleable. It can be changed, a truth that is both magical and liberating.

So imagine that, at age seven, you decided that you did not like black hair and brown eyes. You wanted green eyes and red hair. Even the most fervent prayer could not make it happen. 

But now imagine that, at age fifteen, you believed that you wanted to change the way your brain thinks. Your dad was a socially awkward, worrying, detail-oriented mathematician.

You, on the other hand, fancy your chances at being a cool, collected actor who loves crowds. Could you change the way your brain thinks and operates? Enough to become an actor? 

I am using abstract examples only to illustrate my point. Your choices need not be so drastic or life-changing. They could be small. For example, your dad is the worrying type, and you don't want to be one. 

The brain is completely malleable. You can change almost anything about the brain. At any age, though obviously starting early is extremely useful. This truth holds great power.

The earlier you recognise that you want to change something about the way your brain works, the better it is. So imagine you want to be a positive person. Each time something occurs, you choose to look at it positively.

The connections forming in your brain between your neurons respond accordingly. Your brain learns and responds, and over time, that is who you become. Don't let your heritage limit you; instead, embrace your unique identity.

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