Bounce - when you push too hard

Bounce - when you push too hard

Bounce! I keep telling everyone I meet to make small, incremental changes to their lifestyle. Otherwise, you will bounce back and go back to where you started.

Yet, despite all this advice, I find myself in the same position.

Every few years, driven by a goal, I push myself to get to my fittest. We can debate what that means, but forget the definition for a minute.

Last year, it was because I turned 50. This year, it was because we had a major event that I was championing, along with others, for health and wellness.

Each time, I get close to where I want to be, if not precisely there. Each time I do, after D-Day, I find myself bouncing with vengeance.

Agree, because I had a low base, we are talking about a few kgs. What is worse is that my consistency falters, and my regularity of doing what I do goes for a toss.

I was reading an interesting anecdote by the founder of an HRV app. He was training for a marathon and found himself heavier than when he started. Which got me thinking.

I am not the only one. So what gives?

The truth is that your body does not like lean and starving. Even if you are muscular and strong,. It prefers you to be a little bit above your optimum level.

If you push, even though I had done it slowly over six-eight months, your body will bounce once the mental governor is off.

In my case, as soon as my event was done, in my head I went, "Okay, that's done." It is shocking just how much of an effect that can have on the choices you make thereafter.

I remember going to the after-party after the event. They had amazing pizza. What do you think I did? Ate a ton. I was done after all.

It took me close to two months to pull back. So what is the moral of the story?

You can push your body only that much, no more, before it will normalize what you are doing.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom who taught me to be the person I am!

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